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acquiring talent from social media tools

Few questions before we talk about our topic in detail. Are you keeping up with Social media for your recruitments? Are you already engaged with clients and followers using the social media? Are you an HR executive or human resources professional and wondering just what is social media and how can social media support your […]

Casting a consumer magic

Making marketing campaigns successful is how well all social media is used and mass engagement is put in place with a coherent action plan for branding.

selling solutions – not boxes

I happened to be at a furnishing store and checked out new furniture designs. Initially, I felt lost in picking out some nice trendy designs. I was looking at various aspects like design, size, wood, portability, durability and lot more. And then out of nowhere comes the salesman with a worn out catalog. Nothing really […]

social media branding – your strategy

I notice businesses adapting social media not just for having an online presence but also for promoting their brands. Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, foursquare etc.) help bridge the gap more cost effectively – and above all support the crowd sourcing idea. While managing the brands on these platforms is pretty interesting but require some […]